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петак, 20. јануар 2012.


I am a child like you!“


        Sitting on the long grass, filled with the most beautiful flowers, with reddish colour, there we were, holding each other close. He was running his fingers slowly through my hair, kissing me gently on the forehead. We were watching the sunset. The sky slowly changed the colour, it went from bright blue, to orange, than red. We were having a romantic picnic on a Saturday evening.
  • Do you know how much you mean to me? – he slowly whispered in my ear.
  • Am I your whole world? – I asked
  • The world means nothing compared to you. You are more than my world. You are my heart, my other half, and I cannot imagine my life without you. – he replied and than kissed me.
I slowly leaned my head on his shoulder, while shedding couple of tears.
  • Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong? –he asked.
  • It’s not you. It’s not me either. It’s everything else that surrounds us.
  • Is it the sunset? I thought you loved them. – he said
  • No, no, I do love them. I just cannot understand why life has to put an end to every romance that there is on the surface.
  • What do you mean? It hasn’t put an end to us.
  • Oh, but it has. I’m moving away.
  • You are moving away? But I don’t understand, why are you moving away? – he asked.
I tried to respond, but I couldn’t. I was crying while responding to his answer. He did not understand me at all. He pulled me even closer towards him, holding me tight, not wanting to let me go. He was trying to be strong, trying to “take it like a real man”, but he was devastated. It felt like he wanted to break down, and start crying.
- It’ll be better. I promise. – he whispered.
The sun was down, and silence surrounded us. I put my head on his chest, while holding his hand. I was listening to his heartbeat. It was just like in the movies. We spend the night there.
When we woke up he took me home, kissed me and left. When I walked through the door, my mom was sitting on the porch with my grandmother. They were both knitting. My father was plucking the apples from the trees, which have just mellowed. My sister was gathering flowers in different colours. She was making a bouquet.
  • Where have you been darling? – my mother asked.
  • I was with Matt, explaining to him the decision you made. – I replied, and head to the backyard.
When I got there I went far in the mellowed forest, passing the stream, and heading towards the big tree at the end of the lane. The little birdies, which have just come back from the South, were singing a beautiful melody. They were making a nest on the brunch of the pine. The pine smelled wonderful, fresh. Around the pine, the flowers were mellowing. Green surrounded me. I was enjoying the beautiful spring in my hometown. I laid on the grass, next to the pine, and watched how the birds were making their nest. The noise of their song and the stream, were helping me relax. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I heard rustling, and I woke up. Right next to me was a cute white rabbit. It had big blue eyes and a carrot in one hand. It came near me. It wasn’t afraid of me like most of the rabbits. I got up, and I headed towards our house. When I got to the stream, I saw my little sister, picking up flowers. She saw me and gave them to me.
  • These are for you. They are white. I tried to find yellow but it seems like they mellow at the end of spring. I will make you a bouquet with yellow and blue flowers when they mellow, I promise.
  • Well, thank you Liz. They are wonderful. – I said, and kissed her on the cheek.
  • Do you know what I’ll miss the most about our hometown? – she asked
  • No, I don’t. Tell me.
  • I’ll miss the spring here. I’ll miss the little birdies that sing here in the forest everyday, the bunnies that eat mom’s flowers, I’ll miss the stream, and the smell of the old pine, the taste of the fresh green plums on the trees, as well as the red apples that dad grows. – she stopped for a minute. She was shedding tears. I whipped them away with my hand.
  • Everything will be alright, I promise. It will be beautiful in the city as well.
  • No it will not. We won’t be able to smell the pines anymore, the air will be polluted. There are no blue flowers there, no flowers at all. I don’t want to leave the animals here. If mom doesn’t water the flowers, the bunnies will have nothing to eat. You said yourself, life isn’t about how much you get, it is about how much you give.
I pulled her close and hugged her tight. We went back in the house. Our parents have already packed everything. All of our things were putted into boxes, and soon the truck came. Our dad put the boxes in it. Before we “hit” the road, I said goodbye to all my friends and Matt. I was devastated, but I tried not to cry and be though, because my dad always used to say that big girls don’t cry. We got in the car and slowly drove away. While sitting in the car I thought about spring and how it reflects on peoples lives. Though the year begins in winter, spring is considered a new year, when you see the grass growing, the flowers blossoming. When we see the birds making nests, we begin to think that the spring is here, and it’s a new beginning, a way to renew yourself from the cold weather. Like a river it’ll wash away the sorrow and bring happiness. It is she, the season of green, that brings us all the changes and crushes our plans, in order to create better ones. Like a morning it might be rainy, foggy and dark, but we always know that in the end of every storm there is peace and harmony, because the sun will rise no matter how many clouds will try to block it rays. It is one of the wonders of this world how spring can change your life into anything you can imagine and in anyway you can imagine, but it can’t make anything last forever, because spring can’t last forever. Whenever spring comes it brings freshness into our lives, it gives us hope and it encourages us to do things we never did before.

                                                  Tijana Koljozova
1. Ana Nevistik
2. Sanja Mohajlovska
3. Tijana Koljozova
4. Ana Jordeva
5. Sandra Jordeva
6. Simona Jordeva
7. Elizabeta Bosnakovska

Macedonian Folklore Dance

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