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субота, 21. јануар 2012.

ENO Tree Planting Day

ENO Tree Planting Day 2011
     Environment Online - ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. It has been running since 2000 and reached thousands of schools in 150 countries. The first ENO Tree Planting Day took place seven years ago in 2004.So far we have planted over 5 million trees and we aim to plant 100 million trees by the end of 2017.
        ENO Tree Planting Day is an open event for schools and groups interested in environment and peace. It is arranged twice in a year, in May and in September. We plant trees and get to know about species on the planting sites. Tree planting is one of the most popular activities in the ENO Programme. Join us!
       We aim to create the worlds' biggest event for schools.  Our target is to plant 20 million trees by the end of 2012.
What have we done since September 2011:


As ENO (Ecological virtual school with its seat in Finland) members, we accepted their mascot, Frank the Frog, and we also added a new one, Sharko the Puppy. We wrote a song about everything that Frank and Sharko did during the last three years:


Two years ago
Little Sharko was saving the world,
Whereas last year
He planted trees and coloured flowers, dear!

This year
Little Sharko
Got along with the
Clever Frank.

They are thinking hard
These clever minds:
What else they should do
With this world filled with many kinds.

Hardwork is not
Their only way out,
So they have to start
To cry out loud!

Our two clever guys
Made a quick decision:
To stop pollution
Is their only vision!

We joined them last day
And we shouted out loud
That our planet dear
Must be saved, together with its clouds!

Sharko and Frank
Get along so well
And from every single liter
They create a new spell.

These great friends
Will never split apart,
And from any single garbage
They make new wishes in the shape of their heart.

They are making Christmas cards
For this holiday to celebrate
So that every child in the world
Could put his heart for a wish to create.

Young Researchers Club
Dimitar Miladinov Primary

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