Нема поголема темница од незнаењето.

субота, 12. новембар 2011.

Заедно за училишта без насилство (Together for the schools without violence)

Together for the schools without violence

1. Violences happen even at school.
2. What can I do in school to stop violence.
3. To stop violence I neet to encourage the others to study and  

4. When I walk in class I should always have a smile an my face.
5.When I get a bad grade I neve hold a greudge.
6. I recognize when needs help.
7. I share my Knoledge.
8. I share hapiness.
9. I encoorege other peoples sucsess.
10. I join the after school clob "LITTLE INVESTIGATOR"

                                         Dimitar Miladinov - Macedonia

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